Want to go for a bike ride?

Woo hoo! Summer is on its way! And in the meantime, let's bike to school! 

As the weather is warming up, I find that I want to bike to school more and more. I normally take the public bus, but that can get pretty tiring and mundane after an entire school year. If I'm going really fast, my bike ride is only about 40 minutes, but I always want to stop and look at this view!



Isn't it beautiful?! 

Anyway, I think there are a ton of benefits to biking to school. Here are some I thought of, just to name a few. 

You're reducing your carbon emissions!

Taking the bus is already good for the planet, but I must say, biking is even better. It is a super efficient way to get around town, and it is 100% human-powered- no fossil fuels burning over here!

Speaking of, it's great exercise!

Since you are quite literally powering yourself to school, biking is a perfect way to break a sweat (and get super toned legs). For this reason, I always make sure to stick an extra t-shirt in my bag to slip into once I get to school. 

Lastly, it is peaceful and calming.

Spending time in nature always relieves my stress and brings mental clarity. This is great both before school and after- I need to mentally prepare for my day in the morning, and then unwind and de-stress in the afternoon. My favorite part of my commute to school is the nature preserve. The Chicago Park District has reserved a specific area of land along the lakefront path that is being restored to natural Illinois prairie. There are beautiful trees, long grasses, and wildflowers throughout. I love listening to the grass and the leaves rustle, and all of the birds chirping. When I'm not in the prairie reserve, I like to bike right alongside the lake, where the sounds of Lake Shore Drive are muted and I can smell the water. 


I thought it would be nice to tell you all about this little routine of mine! I truly love it and thought I could encourage you to try too- even if you don't commute to school, perhaps you could find a time to bike to work, or simply on the weekend with a friend. 

Thank you for reading! Happy Friday, happy summer!