Seasonal Selection: Spring 2018

It’s no surprise that we’re a bit obsessed with shopping; however, our quest for zero-waste has slowed that habit down a bit. However, if you’re anything like me, the arrival of a new season calls for at least a few new goodies to revel in. It helps that spring (at least to me), is associated with the rebirth of nature, so that makes it easy when it comes to purchasing organic, sustainable options. Anyway, here’s our go at a bit of zero-waste inspiration.

You could group a bunch of these together and gift them, perhaps for Easter or a friend’s birthday; otherwise, you could pick and choose what you like for yourself. Or, you could just stare at the pictures whilst riding the train hoping to liven up your morning, or maybe pin them together for a bit of inspiration. Keep scrolling, regardless!


Succulents have become quite trendy, and for good reason; they’re so pretty! What a better way to welcome the new season than by adding some green to your room?

I’ve tried many times to keep succulents alive, but I basically always fail. If, for some reason, you find yourself in the same position, I have a potted philodendron that’s pretty hardy, and has grown a ton since I bought it-- so it's another good option.  


If you have a little backyard garden, or maybe one elsewhere (mine’s on my roof!), you could take it a step further and grow your plants from seed. Windowsill herbs are easy to grow- I love putting my basil in everything I cook. 

Last year I grew tomatoes, and they were delicious all season long. These rainbow carrots will be my next challenge-- and I think I might add some kale to the mix as well. Growing your own veggies has health benefits, because the fresher they are the more they retain their nutrients. In addition, a home vegetable garden is very economical. Best of all, it can be zero waste! Think of all the plastic you will be saving from the landfill, because you won’t ever have to purchase tomatoes in a carton or carrots in a baggie.


Since you’re already growing your own veggies, you deserve a bit of a treat. When sweets are on your mind, try heading over to your market’s bulk section. We found plenty of chocolates, gummies, and jelly beans stocked up for spring at ours! We used cute reusable muslin bags to store our candy.


Of course, everyone needs a new scent for spring. When you’re well over the pine and cedar of winter, brighten your routine with nice floral (or citrus) bar soap. The possibilities are endless! There are so many bar soap options available, you don’t need to travel far to find more scents than you could possibly want. I really like the way this Fresh Life soap smells, and these ones are good for the world! Just make sure you’ve bought a bar packaged in paper, or nothing at all.

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