Progress Report, #1

Hi guys!

Here is the story of how greenteen was started...

Two of our founders, Myles and Sisley, joined a club at our school called MIT Launch. The goal of the club is to encourage high school students to create their own companies, and this year's topic was environmental sustainability.

Myles and Sisley started working with a couple other students. They wanted to create a company which stationed drop-off bins for people's garbage all over Chicago, and then collect all of the plastic bags and feed them to worms in an effort to eliminate them. Well, it turns out, worms don't actually eat plastic. After purchasing 500 worms, which happily lived at Myles' house, they learned that their project just wouldn't work. The worms barely ate any plastic and then quickly died. By that point the other group members had decided they no longer wanted to be a part of MIT Launch, so Sisley and Myles were on their own, and idea-less.

One day after school, the five of us met in our normal spot in our school's lobby, and we started talking about what Myles and Sisley could do for their project. Myles and Sisley quickly roped the rest of us in, and after another week of brainstorming, we decided to found greenteenchicago. So now, instead of trying to feed worms plastic, we feed them food!

None of us had ever composted before. Our families, while eco-conscious, weren't open to the idea of composting, because they associated it with all of the typical stereotypes... hippie, vegan, pest-attracting, piles of dirt. And while that is partially true, and none of those things are bad (okay, except pest-attracting), they didn't realize that composting could be easy.

By partnering with an outside composting facility, you can simply separate your organic waste from your non-organic waste, and then have your compost picked up weekly (or every other week, or monthly), just like how your normal garbage is picked up.

But we knew we needed to enact this on a larger scale, and we knew we needed to serve teenagers and youth just like us.

So after another couple weeks of brainstorming (and intense research), we finalized our goals and ideas and mission and directed it all into our baby company, greenteen! Here you can find ideas and inspiration on how to reduce your waste, and soon you will be able to purchase our e-book and introduce the composting initiative to your own school.

We are now one week away from our composting trial month at Jones College Prep!