Want to go for a bike ride?

Woo hoo! Summer is on its way! And in the meantime, let's bike to school! 

As the weather is warming up, I find that I want to bike to school more and more. I normally take the public bus, but that can get pretty tiring and mundane after an entire school year.

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Earth Day!

Earth Day is on the horizon! While we think every day should be a day to celebrate the Earth, we definitely won’t pass up an excuse to appreciate the Earth even more. This year, we will be hosting an event at Kingsbury Street Cafe, here in Lincoln Park, Chicago. All of the employees will be wearing their greenteen shirts, and we will have placards up at every table.

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A Day Spent In Nature

Today, I turned off my phone. 

It was pretty hard. But I wanted to fully connect with the Earth around me. And so, in order to do that, I knew I needed to fully disconnect and instead focus my energy on nature, and on my lovely hiking partner. 

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Seasonal Selection: Spring 2018

It’s no surprise that we’re a bit obsessed with shopping; however, our quest for zero-waste has slowed that habit down a bit. However, if you’re anything like me, the arrival of a new season calls for at least a few new goodies to revel in. It helps that spring (at least to me), is associated with the rebirth of nature, so that makes it easy when it comes to purchasing organic, sustainable options. Anyway, here’s our go at a bit of zero-waste inspiration.

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Progress Report, #1

Hi guys!

Here is the story of how greenteen was started...

Two of our founders, Myles and Sisley, joined a club at our school called MIT Launch. The goal of the club is to encourage high school students to create their own companies, and this year's topic was environmental sustainability.

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