hello there,

I’m Isabel. Inspired by zero waste and vegan activists online, I noticed there was a serious lack of people who designed their platform with teenagers in mind. It seemed like most of the ‘instagram influencers’ were middle-aged white women whose audience primarily consisted of moms across the country. While I am totally on-board with that stuff and it resonated with me, I was drawn to the idea of creating a way to deliver the zero waste message to a younger, more diverse audience. The truth is that climate change is going to affect my generation, and that it has become our burden. And that everyone needs to shift their habits to ones that respect our environment. And that climate change isn’t just a middle-aged white mom issue, but a human issue. So I’m here to help you navigate what it means to live a low-waste lifestyle, one that respects animals, people, and the planet.

I grew up and live on the south side of Chicago.