our mission is to influence others to

reduce their waste,

reduce their impact,

and increase their sense of self


Welcome To The Future of sustainability

as the youngest generation, it is our responsibility

to take action against climate change


the problem

Oftentimes, learning about how much we have damaged the earth can be devastating. It seems like everything we do has a negative effect, and learning about industry after industry, each one destroying what we have left of nature, can quickly become depressing. However, it is imperative to understand what climate change actually is, the different things that cause it, and all the different ways it is manifesting in our everyday lives, and those of people and animals all across the world. Once you are conscious of how climate change came to be and what its effects are, hop on over to The Solution. And I encourage you to continue doing research and continue learning about the intricacies of our environment.


the solution

A little while ago I was sitting with one of my best friends during math class, and were talking about the regional differences between attitudes about the environment across the United States ( I know, we should have been focusing on math). Suddenly it dawned on us that we had never, not once taken a class about climate change. There was not an ounce of environmental science built into our elementary or high school curriculum. And so, at 17 years of age, in our junior year of high school, the first opportunity we would have to formally learn environmental science would be an elective class senior year. We couldn’t account for students living elsewhere, but it was dismal to think that the only reason we were familiar with the effects of climate change was because we were dedicated and motivated enough to do the research ourselves. No wonder everyone else around us, teenager or otherwise, was oblivious to the detrimental effects of their plastic water bottles and flimsy plastic produce bags! From that point on, I made a commitment to spread awareness and educate people just like ourselves, who were forced into an education system that didn’t consider the most basic building block of life: the Earth.


keep our planet green,

our oceans blue,

and our animals safe


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